Rigid Boxes

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Project Description

Rigid Boxes are high-end luxury packaging, which made from thick cardboard, that is formed into its permanent shape, and then laminated with custom printed or stock paper during the fully automatic manufacturing process, we supplying the various custom rigid  boxes, and gift boxes.

Options: Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing, Foil stamping and Laminating.

Insert option: paper, Eva Foam or user interaction booklet.

TWO PIECE TELESCOPING(Lift-off 2 pieces)
The classic telescoping rigid box. The product is displayed in the base.The lid fits squarely on top and holds the contents in place. The top lid covering the bottom base fully or partially, it is important that the top lid fit perfectly to the base box at the same time it can be easily lift off.

Three-piece box with a two-piece base assembly, allowing the lid & the base to meet flush on the exterior of the box. This can be constructed with either a standard, hidden or exposed shoulder.

The drawer box is also called slide box with 2 parts, the outer cover box and the inner tray box. Outer cover can have opening on one sides or both sides which will be a sleeve cover for the inner tray.

The lid is wrapped and hinged to the base with an extension of the flip lid. The flip lid can be either flash with the base or longer double flip lid to shutting clasps. There are options of using magnet, velcro or ribbon to closure hinged boxes.

This is a foldable hinged box set-up that allows compact flat storage. It can significantly reduce transportation and storage cost. It is design to simply fold up into a box shape with magnetic lids.