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Project Description

Regarding labels, stickers, we manufacturer labels and stickers to all shapes and sizes for your creative requirements, from cosmetics, pharmaceuticals , promotional, to beverage products.
We provide these stickers for a large variety of labeling applications, that includes roll stickers, cut-to-size stickers, sheet stickers.
Materials and Finishes Options: Paper, Polyester,Transparent Vinyl,  Wood free Paper, Pearlescent Paper, Synthetic Paper, Metallic Foil,microcoat paper, thermal paper,silver and gold foil, fluorescent paper ,kraft paper,white /clear PE,PVC,PP,PET, BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)

Bath&Beauty Label

In the highly competitive Bath & Body product market, it’s essential that your labels stand out in the crowd. We could help you choose the proper materials .Consider using clear label stock to allow your product to show through. Organic and naturalingredients are a major trend in cosmetics.Foil labels add elegance and exclusive feel to cosmetic products.Need a no -label effect on your products?We have full transparent materials.

Beverage Label

From the shelf to the fridge, beverage labels often have to stand up to tough temperature and moisture challenges. we has been printing bottle labels for the beverage market for several years, such as water bottle labels, coffee and tea labels, juice labels, wine labels, beer labels and etc. We are able to print various type of beverage label stickers in any shape, and We can help you choose the right stock and adhesive to meet fridge temperature and moisture requirements.

Household Labels

Labels for chemical and cleaning products encounter rigorous handling conditions, but still need to maintain crisp looks and readability. With a wide assortment of label materials in stock, we can help you select the best material and adhesive for your product. And our advanced  label printing machine could achieve an excellent printing effect for your custom household cleaning labels.

Applied: packing, item express, stock management, car bumper, food, Bath&Beauty, beverage, household,  chemicals, promotional and etc.