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BAGCARDI, a leading greeting cards, paper shopping bags, paper boxes manufacturer based on China, which produce and export these gift packaging items and stationery articles since 2005. In our paper house, not only greeting cards, gift bag, paper shopping bags, paper boxes, but also flat wrapping paper, perfume testing strips, label stickers could also been manufactured.

BAGCARDI are capable of producing all kind of highly embellished products, printing, lamination, varnishing, foil, glitter, flocking, UV, bronzing, embossing and die-cut, all could be customized. and all paper goods have been widely sold to overseas market, such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany,France,Holland, Italy, Australia, Spain, Japan etc.

Factory located in Dongguan City Guangdong Province, covering an area of 15000 square meters. own 200 employees, 50 for production, 100 for assembling and packaging, the rest ones for quality control, material purchasing, and some internal work.

Our experienced employees pay close attention to details, and supervise the purchase orders at every single stage, from material sourcing to shipping arrangements. we always provide efficient service to make sure that all products fulfill customer’s special requirement.

As one buyer, we know, you do not like some vendor. when reminding of these guys of slow action, self assertion, difficult to communicate with, lazy, no sense of responsibility, impolite, open the mouth wide, you feel it is unfortunately or unfair, you may be ask yourself, even god, why can i not meet good partner ? why i take so much time on the working?  At last, the process and results let me crazy ?

Now, you are standing at our door, it is worth of contacting us, then you will receive competitive pricing, high quality products, great additional value in the our paper house. Exactly, you obtained is the booming of your sales turnover one year later. we insist on price level consistently, AQL quality standard, 100% of the delivery time, so that your brand  growing faster and stronger, your company staff feel happy, that is our philosophy of creating long term partnerships with clients. if you wanna get general idea for us, please click here!

You can also view our factory and samples room online, we hope you enjoy your visit!

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